Yoga for Migraine

                                         Yoga for Migraine and headaches

Yoga for Migraines and headaches is simply a perfect practice to eliminate them. A migraine is considered a severe headache and is classified as a neurological disorder. 

It exists in people under stress and is available from moderate to extreme levels. There are different reasons for having a migraine. It might appear in childhood and old age as well.


People who think a lot or are under pressure start to feel severe headaches. It is a stress-based problem. 

A severe headache might stay longer, mainly affecting half of the head. The duration of a headache depends on different conditions.

In the beginning, Migraine is visible with few symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sunlight. Yogic practices are highly effective for migraine problems. 

A disciplined lifestyle and daily exercise program can quickly cure it. Yoga for Migraine is one of the mediums for headaches and migraines.

It may run in entire families. Migraine can affect anyone, but it is primarily found in females. 

This is because women are influenced mainly by migraines during their pregnancy.

                                                    Alternative Therapies Yoga for Migraine

Alternative therapies and healing techniques are the best alternatives for treating migraines. In India, there are a variety of alternative treatments, such as Yoga for Migraine and severe headaches.

Alternative therapies are excellent for the wellness of the body and the mind. In addition, they have a significant influence on body organs.

There are many alternative therapies available that are similar to Yoga for migraines, and they are as follows-

1. Pranic healing;

Pranic healing is concerned with regulating Prana appropriately. According to Yogic mythology, the body will only be at ease once the pranic level works correctly. 

Therefore, in pranic healing, first, the aura is cleaned, and after that, it works on pressure points to cure migraines.

2. Acupressure;

A Japanese-originated pressure points technique is one of the most practiced alternative therapy for migraines. 

As we know, we have hundreds of acupressure points in our bodies. If we press those points regularly, Migraine disappears naturally.

3. Panchkarma;

Panchkarma is a very advanced Ayurveda technique with five workings for the body. 

Sirodhara is one of the treatments in which herbal oil is dropped on the top of the forehead, followed by a gentle massage on the pressure points. It cures migraines from the root.

4. Reiki;

Reiki is a healing practice originally from Japan, and it has significant work in curing headaches and migraines. The healer does it to heal the affected part. For curing migraines, Reiki is highly advisable.

5. Acupuncture;

Originating in China, Acupuncture is famous for treating many ailments and injuries. There are specific points that are pressed with needles to cure migraines.

6. Marma healing;

Marma healing is a part of Ayurvedic treatments. It has vigorous work on calming a person and releasing any pain or Migraine from the body.

7. Jin Shin Jyutsu;

This Japanese healing works as an alternative therapy to cure headaches. It is basically to control five human tendencies.


                                                                      Yoga for Migraine

Yoga for Migraine is a traditional healthy practice concerned with body, mind, and soul. The concept of Yoga is to keep the body fit, mind calm, and soul happy. Yoga is one of the ancient practices in the Indian diaspora, followed by most people.

Yoga has a combination of many movements and a variety of workouts. In addition, there are different Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation techniques by which it is possible to get rid of migraines and headaches.

Yoga for Migraine is one of the best alternatives to handle severe headaches. It is practiced under trained yoga teachers and trainers. Yoga has a multi wellness working on the body. 

During YTTC and Yoga Retreats, we offer a combination of 12 practices of Yoga for Migraine, and they should follow up in a routine:-

  1. Surya Namaskar(12 Asanas group);
  2. Jal Neti and rubber Neti;
  3. Kunjal Kriya (throwing out salted water);
  4. Balasana;
  5. Sukhasana;
  6. Vrakshasana;
  7. Savasana;
  8. Sheetali Pranayama;
  9. Brahamari Pranayama;
  10. Mantra chanting;
  11. Mauna Vrat;
  12. Meditation.

Note: Yoga for Migraine and Headaches is to cure headaches and migraine problems. It includes physical, mental, and psychic exercises.

Daily 10-30 minutes of practice may cure this chronic disability within a few months. Namaste.

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