Yog Niketan Dham


Salabhasana, or Locust pose, came into existence after a great yogi, Shalabh, revealed this posture to cure back problems. Salabhasana, or Locust pose, is an intermediate-level asana practiced after lying on the stomach. Salabhasana should practice with an empty stomach. Therefore, we manifest Salabhasana briefly during our Yoga Teacher Training Programmes and Yoga Retreats. In …

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Chaturanga Dandasana

Chaturanga Dandasana, or four limbed staff pose, is a momentous asana in Hatha Yoga,  Ashtanga Yoga, and the Sun salutation series. In Sanskrit, Chatur means Four, Anga represents limbs, and Danda means Staff. It resembles the spine of a human being. It is pronounced as Chaturanga-Dandasana “Cha-tur-anga- dandasana.” It is considered another variation of the Plank pose with …

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