Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is an ancient healing technique to heal different bodies i.e. the physical body, mental body, pranic body, astral body, and bliss body. Pranic word came into existence from the Sanskrit word Prana which is called vital force or life.

Pranic healing is practiced in India for decades, it was mostly used by Yogis for working on personal health issues and Ayurveda practitioners to cure human beings, animals and to preserve nature. Still, in the modern age, it is highly in demand.

During our Yoga Retreats and YTT course in Rishikesh, we demonstrate to our beloved students how to practice Pranic healing for attaining the highest spiritual level and curing different ailments. It is a great opportunity for them to know the proper functioning of Prana in our body system.

It is based on the deep flow of Prana and utilizes this open Prana to heal different body systems. Yoga mythology highly believes that prana is an eternal life force that is responsible for keeping the body healthy and alive. It works on the philosophy of having more positive energy inside so a healer can easily transcend to the receiver.

It works on five Pranas which are naturally available in the human body. It activates the energy on specific body parts and this activation helps for five Pranas to work freely.  According to Yogic Science, there are five kinds of Pranas and these are: –

  1. Udana (works on the head region),
  2. Prana (from chest to throat),
  3. Samana (abdominal area),
  4. Apana (on the legs);
  5. Vyana (overall body).


                            How does Pranic healing work?

It is similar to Reiki, done by a Pranic healer who is a master healer. It depends on the energy level of a healer how does he pass cosmic energy into different parts of a receiver. This is a wonderful practice by which a healer examines aura without touching someone’s body. Pranic healing is performed in many sections and these are: –

  • In the very beginning to scan the body of a recipient.
  • To be aware of the working of Pranas in the body.
  • Examine the aura after viewing  Pranic status.
  • Connect with the person without touching.
  • First to work with the main Prana and to transfer it to other Pranas for their cleansing.
  • With the Pranic flow to reach to different body parts.
  • At last, consider the cleansing of Chakras or channels.

                                   Benefits of Pranic Healing

Alternative therapies have an amazing working effect on the mental body. Healing is an art of how to calm down the physical body and then control over different emotions of the mental body. Pranic healing is an excellent alternative therapy to work on different parts of the body and has a great working on the level of stability. There are many benefits of it which are as under: –

  • It is very helpful to cure physical ailments. i.e heart disorders, kidney purification, and lung problems.
  • It controls high blood pressure and abnormal breathing.
  • It is highly recommendable in Insomnia.
  • It controls fear, anger, and anxiety.
  • Pranic healing is simply useful in balancing thoughts.
  • It should be practiced for the deep relaxation of body organs and parts.
  • It releases negativity from the body.
  • Pranic healing generates a positive Aura around the body.
  • It recovers physical injuries and heals the body fastly.
  • Pranic healing has an extraordinary part in healing humans, animals, and nature.
Note: Pranic healing has a magnificent work on maintaining good physical health. It is very effective in Kundalini awakening and plays a vital role in Yoga Therapy for curing physical and mental ailments. It should be practice under an experienced healer who has expertise in this beautiful healing.