Yog Niketan Dham

Reiki Course in India

Yog Niketan Dham is an abode of traditional healing practices like Ayurveda, Yoga therapy, Pranic healing, Jin shin jyutsu, and Reiki course in India. We aim to bring body, mind, and soul into proper alignment and harmony.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique practiced by Indian yogis, Japanese masters, and Tibetan lamas. The purpose of Reiki is to channel and enhance the pranic flow towards the body system.

We guide our students with authentic literature and offer a divine environment of the magnificent Ganges during the Reiki course. The objective is to attune their self-healing practice, to heal others, and to stay well-tuned.


This alternative healing course has an excellent platform for beginner Reiki healers to grow into the spiritual world and bring their senses back to the inner side. This course is also suitable for advanced healers to polish their healing skills.

The basic fundamental of Yoga Science is similar to Reiki, which mentions that all of us have the availability of Pranic energy, and it flows in our bodies through chakras and nadis.

If the pranic flow is affected somehow, it may create some imbalance in the physical body or produce some restrictions associated with that area of the body.

A Reiki healer or Reiki master connects and liaises with the universal energy. He attunes the energy into a person’s chakras and Pranic body for treating any physical, mental, or emotional deformity.


There are incredible Reiki healing results on the physical body and in care for various ailments. It is crucial in eliminating insomnia, depression, stress, fatigue, and daily problems.

At Yog Niketan Dham, we encourage our followers and yoga teacher training students to practice Reiki courses for their healing so they can offer this divine art to others.
The basic fundamental of the Reiki course in India is to be in balance and harmony to attain the highest state of self-control, heal yourself, and finally sense everything more profoundly. Reiki is the art of accepting the present happenings without any assumptions.

Certified Reiki Course in India:

At Yog Niketan Dham, we offer three Reiki courses to learn, experience and share with others. These courses are: -

Level 1 (Average 1-2 days); Course fee: 150$ (inclusive Reiki level 1 certificate, accommodation, meals, yoga and meditation sessions)

Level 1 Reiki course in India is related to attunement and the initiation of Reiki energy to the students. Reiki Master healer initiates the universal energy to the persons for cleansing their Aura and pranic channels, to release any physical or mental distress. The students learn more about their self-healing. There is full information provided to the students related to Reiki and the healing system in detail.

Level 2 (minimum 2 days); Course fee: 200$ (inclusive Reiki Level 2 certificate, manuals, accommodation, meals, yoga and meditation sessions)

Level 2 course of Reiki healing is for learning how to offer Reiki healing to others, it is called Telepathic distance Reiki healing, Reiki practice on humans, plants, and animals. It offers a broad explanation about Reiki symbols and also how to expand Reiki energy into the universe.

Level 3 (minimum 2-3 days): Course fee: 300$ (inclusive Reiki Master level certificate, manuals, accommodation, meals, yoga and meditation sessions)

Level 3 course of Reiki healing course is to become a Reiki Master. At this level, the students learn how to teach Reiki to others and how to utilize this pristine energy for creating a wonderful environment. This level is the top level of Reiki healing which requires a lot of self-commitment and love.

Upcoming Dates for Online Reiki healing sessions:


Available Spots


7th April 2024

10 Seats

7th October 2024

6 Seats

7th November 2024

9 Seats

7th December 2024

10 Seats

Daily Schedule for Reiki Course in India:

6AM-7AM : Pranayama and Meditation
7AM-8:30AM : Hatha Yoga
8:30AM-10AM: Breakfast and relaxation
10AM-12PM: Reiki training and Workshop
12PM-1PM: Self-healing, under the guidance of Reiki Master
1PM-2:3PM: Lunch and relaxation
2:3PM-4PM: Group healing/ training
4PM-4:30PM: Tea time
4:30PM-6:00PM: Reiki self healing practice
6PM-7PM: Meditation
7PM-8PM: Dinner
8PM-9PM: Group activity/ discussion
9PM-6AM: Silence hours

Why to learn Reiki?

What to expect from a Reiki

  • Are you looking for a change?
  • Do you feel somehow your confidence level is lacking?
  • Is there any call to know who you are?

What will you learn during the Reiki retreat?

  • Reiki Level 1 (For self tuning)
  • Reiki Level 2 (Reiki symbols & telepathic healing)
  • Master Level (For teaching & initiation)