Yog Niketan Dham

Benefits of Reiki Healing:

  • Helps in releasing extreme tensions
  • Relaxes body and mind
  • Boosts energy level
  • Detoxifies organs
  • Assists in curing physical pain
  • Develops metabolism and increases energy
  • Spiritual growth
  • Effective in better sleep and releasing heavy emotions.


                                                          What does Reiki do?

Benefits of Reiki, Reiki has amazing work to make human beings more awakened of the body system. In simple words, it creates a serene relation between body, mind, and soul. Reiki works on the basis of a problem and diagnoses the whole system accordingly. During our Online Reiki courseYTTC, and Yoga Retreats, we teach the students pristine working of Reiki in detail. 


Reiki has a great purpose to cure everyone without any discrimination. It is simply to heal people, animals, and nature. Reiki symbols have divinity and during the time of Reiki attunement or Reiki training, this divinity is passed from a Reiki trainer to the disciple. There is only love, joy, and kindness behind this attunement journey.

Reiki brings extreme compassion, gratitude, and collaboration between two souls. It is simply a unity between a person and the universal soul. Reiki has its physical workings, mental awareness, and emotional aspect. It has many benefits but few are as follow: 

  • Reiki has a pristine working to calm down the mind and to relax the entire system.
  • It releases all stress, tension, and anxiety from the body.
  • It is a perfect practice of connecting the body with the mind.
  • For attaining the highest state of Ananda, Reiki is considered one of the best healing practices. 
  • It boosts the energy level after that a person feels full of energy during work time.
  • Reiki has a deep work to detoxify the human body system and to remove any negativity from inside.
  • Deep healing with Reiki accumulates blood circulation to the inner organs after that they are more capable to work effectively.
  • In the case of having extreme pain or physical deformities, Reiki has excellent working.
  • It increases the resistance power and immunity of the body system which is very effective to keep it safe from outer disturbances.
  • Reiki has a deep spiritual connection. People who are looking for spiritual awakening should practice Reiki on daily basis.
  • It is known to improve sleep quality and to make the mind without thinking. 
  • Reiki has excellent work on awakening the Chakras and purifying them.
  • For reducing the fluctuations of the mind, Reiki is considered one of the best alternative therapy.
  • It brings overall satisfaction and happiness in life and it fulfills the heart with love, affection, and joy.
  • Reiki is simply a tool to be connected with divine universal energy. 
  • Reiki also brings the state of equilibrium in which a practitioner grows in his practices. 
  • It has a divinity in itself by which it is transferred to another body throughout a channel.
  • There is a union between all living entities in the universe and Reiki is the best medium to attain that.
Reiki has also a great offering to be done through distance healing. It is called Telepathic healing in which a healer connects himself or herself with the universal energy after using Reiki symbols and after that, it is transferred to another person. It may be sent anywhere in the universe which is a unique technique of Reiki practice.