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What is Reiki?

History of Reiki healing:

What is Reiki? Reiki is a spiritual healing art with has its presence and roots in India, Tibet, and Japan. Reiki technique originated on the same planet where Gods with many hands were born on the earth. Ancient Indian culture approves that Shiva brought Reiki healing on earth, and he wished to remember this forever.

What is Reiki? According to the texts, the kids of one of the first civilizations of the earth, Mu, got the first level Attunement of Reiki. In 1800 a Japanese man Mikao Usui profound that the healing techniques of Jesus and Buddha were similar to what Shiva brought on the earth. It was available in the Indian secret doctrines.

What is Reiki?


Reiki healing came into existence from REI (Universal life) and KI(Energy). It is a healing technique by hands using spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki is hands-on with different body parts to balance the energy channels and boost physical and emotional health.


Reiki is a great medium to connect with universal energy. In Reiki methodology, Reiki healer is called a Reiki channel by which a practitioner can transform universal energy to other channels or people.

It is a fascinating subject and art to offer joy, love, and compassion to all. Reiki depends on pure and eternal energy already available in the universe. During Yoga Retreats and Reiki course online, we offer complete information to our students for their personal and spiritual growth. 

Reiki healing has a broad working area that includes the physical, mental, and celestial bodies. It brings a state of equilibrium in which a person feels utterly full of solitude and joy. 

Ultimately Reiki is for the well being of all. Reiki is a self-practice for the attunement of healing powers. Reiki healing works through a channel for chakra balancing, chakras cleansing aura reading etc. 

Reiki has a prominent object, and it is related to the acceptance of another person. Therefore, a healer always asks the receiver’s permission before healing. If the receiver is not ready to accept, Reiki healing is not supposed to be.

it includes the calling of universal energy by which the recovery is there. Therefore, the healer uses reiki symbols for healing purposes. In simple words, these specific symbols are for calling those natural powers.

Meanwhile, as a healer connects himself with the universal energy, this healing starts to heal the person. Reiki can be used to cure different deformities and to heal the body organs.